Everybody has a story to tell. Every story has a unique perspective. What's your story?
Worldview Productions is dedicated to telling people's stories from around the globe, through documentary.
Photography is our nations number one hobby, and SNAP HAPPY is the first Australian TV series dedicated to photography enthusiasts. The show is hosted by National Geographic's, Jason Edwards and presenter/model, Maddison-Clare Sloane. The six-part series airs on Channel ONE, part of the TEN Network. Check your local guides for schedules. We are currently in production of series 3.

The series can be purchased or rented from www.snaphappytv.com

‘Temporary Australians’ is a documentary series that looks at the positive aspects of the motorcycle scene and uncovers some interesting and unusual personalities along the way. The show is hosted by Greg Hirst (Brotherhood CMC) and Brendan Jones (WSFM Presenter), both bringing a quirky sense of humour and a great deal of experience in the motorcycling scene.

Series 6 is now in production for 7MateThe series can be purchased or rented from www.temporaryaustralians.com.au