Everybody has a story to tell. Every story has a unique perspective. What's your story?
Worldview Productions is dedicated to telling people's stories from around the globe through documentary.

Photography is our nations number one hobby, and SNAP HAPPY is the first Australian TV series dedicated to photography enthusiasts. Each week, the viewer learns from the pros about how they can take better photos on their DSLR, compact or smart phone cameras. Traveling around Australia; we visit scenic locations, fascinating people, fashion events, expos, galleries and exhibitions. Along the way, we meet professional photographers and experts that give us the lowdown on current and future technologies. www.snaphappytv.com

EveLeprosy is a disease we hear little about in our modern society. Yet , in many parts of the developing world, it still exists. Leprosy has devastating effects; it disfigures and disables, It can lead to discrimination, displacement, desperation and depression. These are The Hidden People.

This documentary follows the lives of two children living with disability; one is an Australian and the other lives in a remote village in Thailand. Their stories reveal the unique and similar faced by each family in two very different settings. www.worldsapartdoco.com

Director/Producer: Tim Robinson
Producer: Matthew Nelson

'Temporary Australians' is an off the cuff, low-budget, content based, TV series created by 'Worldview Productions' and 'Greg Hirst Enterprises'. It airs nationally on 7Mate.

Director/Producer: Tim Robinson
Executive Producer: Greg Hirst

This is a short clip taken from a video produced for Christian Blind Mission to promote their life changing work in Africa. Follow the story of a young boy named Kijana, his life is changed forever when his sight is restored.

DOP/Editor: Tim Robinson
Field Producer: Greg Low
Executive Producer: Heath McSolvin

Clip taken from the ABC travel series 'Travel Oz'.

Camera/Editor: Tim Robinson // Worldview Productions
Field Producer: Greg Grainger
Produced by Grainger TV

'The End of Greed' is a bible study series written by Scott Higgins of Baptist World Aid Australia. The studies look at different aspects of ethical consumption and explores what the bible says on the subject.

DOP/Editor: Tim Robinson // Worldview Productions
Produced by Baptist World Aid Australia

A clip from GAFCON 2008 in Jeruselum, Israel.